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I Bought a Humidor, Now What Do I Do?

Below is a step-by-step process you should go through when you get your new humidor.


ImageFirst Step: Calibrating The Hygrometer
The ideal humidity range for your new humidor is 65-70%. If you have purchased the Calibration Kit, skip this step and please follow the easy instructions located on the outside of the package. Analog hygrometers can often give an inaccurate reading up to +/- 14%, for this reason it is necessary to calibrate your hygrometer. First, take a sandwich size zip lock bag and place on a flat surface. Take a soda cap or a tablespoon and fill with salt. Add enough water to the salt to dampen it, but not dissolve. Place the salt and water mix on one side of the bag and your hygrometer on the other side then seal and leave for 12 hours. After this time the humidity within the bag will have reached a humidity of 75.5%. Note the difference, if any, between the hygrometer(s) reading and that of 75.5%. This will be the number of percentage points you’ll need to add or subtract for corrected future readings. Some articles and websites recommend manually adjusting the reading, however,  you risk potentially breaking the hygrometer by doing so. Digital hygrometers are pre-calibrated or will include instructions.

ImageSecond Step: Filling The humidifier
Humidifiers are circular or rectangular plastic boxes (usually black) with grates on the top. Remove the humidifier from the humidor and place on a plate. Only fill with our humidification solution or distilled water. Slowly apply the solution or distilled water into the humidifier through the grates. It is sometimes necessary to wait a minute or so if the liquid is spilling over to allow the humidifier to pass the liquid through the grates. Continue to add solution or distilled water until the sponge/foam inside is completely saturated and will not accept any more liquid. Leave for 15 minutes to allow the tiny air pockets within to fill with the fluid. After 15 minutes turn upside down and shake lightly as this will allow any excess fluid to escape (Humidifiers evaporate the moisture from the surface of the sponge/foam inside. If it is submerged entirely it cannot properly disperse humidity and you risk over humidifying your humidor). Wipe off any liquid that is on the outside of the humidifier and place right side up in the bottom of your humidor. Do not put cigars directly on top of the humidifier.

ImageThird Step: Breaking in Your New Humidor / Moistening The Humidor / Seasoning Your Humidor
Your humidor has an interior of kiln dried Spanish cedar, the preferred wood for humidifying and aging premium cigars. The wood needs to be humidified, or seasoned, before you may introduce your cigars. If you have purchased our seasoning packs you may skip this step and proceed with the easy instructions located on the back of the packet(s). If you purchased a Cigar Oasis electronic humidifier  or any other electronic humidifier you may also skip this step as these units will automatically season the inside of your humidor within 48 hours. To season your humidor take a clean cloth or a new sponge and apply a liberal dose of our humidification solution or distilled water. Wring out the cloth or squeeze the sponge to ensure you do not over humidify your humidor. Wipe down the kiln dried Spanish cedar interior including all sides, trays, and dividers. Test on a small area of your humidor to start with. If you notice the color of the Spanish cedar greatly darkening you have too much liquid in your cloth or sponge, and you will need to wring out the cloth or sponge again before continuing.  After the seasoning process your humidor is ready for cigars. Enjoy!

Simply repeat Step 2 whenever your humidity level goes below 60% (70% is your ideal humidity level) to keep your Cigars for years to come.

The above process must be done to your new humidor. The process is called seasoning. If you just bought a new humidor and rushed home and put those new smokes straight into it, your cigars would actually dry out instead of stay fresh. By seasoning your humidor this allows the Humidor to absorb the moisture from the kits or the wipe down method instead of your cigars.

I`ve got more questions!

1. Why can`t I use regular tap water?
Waters types such as Tap, Purified, Spring, Artisan, etc all contain trace elements and minerals which will (over time) build up in your humidifier, humidor, and even your cigars.  Over time using these water types can also produce mold. Distilled water  has had all trace elements, microbes, and minerals removed and can be easily found at your local grocery store for about a buck a gallon.

2. My cigars feel dried out?
If your cigars feel dry, that would be a sure sign that your humidifier needs to be recharged, or you need to refill your humidifier. Remember that it takes time for a new humidor to break in. It is always a good idea to check your cigars everyday for freshness by gently squeezing the foot of the cigar. Eventually you will notice that you have to check it less frequently.

3. My cigars are too moist?
Leave the lid of your new humidor open for about an hour or two. This will allow your cigars to dry out a little. The proper humidity for cigars is between 70-75% humidity. Remember not to solely rely on your hygrometer to determine freshness. Most hygrometers are not completely accurate.

4. Cellophane Cigars

So you just got your new cigars, all pretty and perfectly packed in plastic cellophane. Wait! You're not thinking of putting those bad boys inside your humidor just like that are you? If you want to have that cigar last, you might want to think twice.Think of a humidor as a Naked Resort. No clothes permitted. For cigars in general, all that hard work to get your humidor to that perfect humidity level is not only compromised by cellophane wrapped cigars, but a hinderance to the cigar itself. The cellophane around a cigar is the same as putting a bag over a persons head. They both will experience a limited life if they are unable to breathe.
If you feel you must or insist putting your cigars in your humidor chamber, at least take the time to unwrap the ends of each cigar in order to have a little room to breathe. Without this step, you'll find that your cigars will work better as a paperweight than a fine stogie. The exception to this is that the cellophane supports the desired aging of the cigar and will prevent a mixing of flavors of different cigars you may have within the same humidor. However, the moisture of the cigar over time, is compromised.
 Welcome to dividers. All of humidors come with dividers to address this very same issue. Allowing the seperation between the cigars to keep the mix of flavors seperated into each section, preventing a "slip" of mixture between the cigars. Without this divider, and for suggested short periods of time, then the advice to having your cigars inside the cellophane wrapper is recommended to keep the seperation of flavor and aroma kept with a mixed variety.
But forget that, just grab one of our incredible deals on a finely crafted humidor, and enjoy those stogies as they were meant to be enjoyed...Naked and Fresh.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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